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Exam Chairs

Want an Exam Chair which maximizes patient workflow and satisfaction while paying less?

Bayou Ophthalmic is your locally-based, independent source to help compare exam chairs. You get what you want - not what the manufacturers want to sell you.

- Has the comfort to improve patient satisfaction and the ergonomic design keeps you feeling good at the end of a long day
- Quicker exams equal better quality of care and more profits via improved patient workflow
- Has new technologies which actually improve your day and your patients' experience
- Get recommendations from people who use them - eyecare professionals aren't flocking to review these on web sites but we work with hundreds every day to tell you what they like and don't.

Bayou Ophthalmic carries all the most-requested, quality brands eyecare professionals trust so we can give an honest opinion of what fits your list of needs. We are not beholden to any manufacturer to "push more of this" or "move more of that". We are in your neighborhood and have to say "Hi" to you so your long-term satisfaction is crucial to us. When you call us to get a quote or explore your options with exam chairs, there are many considerations. No worries though - you don't have to know all the answers as our team knows which questions you should be asking so you get the most lifetime value from this investment in your practice.

Comfortable Exam Chairs for Not Just the Patient, but for You, Too...

Some tests and procedures take time to get right. An uncomfortable patient leads to less effective results, patients putting off procedures they need due to fears about their discomfort, and hurts your patient workflow and profits. Fortunately this added comfort doesn't have to come at a premium cost. Bayou Ophthalmic can help to get a list of your "most haves" and you "I'd like to have if it doesn't break the bank" and we'll do the comparisons to see which reliable models fit both your budget and needs. It doesn't get much easier than this for a busy medical practitioner. Best of all, these same manufacturers who produce comfortable exam chairs for your patients, also thought of you, the practitioner. Brands like Reliance Medical and others hired ergonomics experts to create designs which reduce stress on your body, leaving you feeling more refreshed and able to carry on with life outside of the practice.

"What kinds of features should I be looking for?"

A few considerations when contacting us

- Full power, tilt chair, manual recline, or newer methods like Marco's automatic counterbalancing which uses the patients weight to recline?
- Foot switches, dual side switches, or both?
- How easy is the examination chair to clean?
- Do I have design options to match the decor of my practice?
- Are the examination chair's hydraulics and headrest adjustments smooth and quiet to sooth patients?
- How durable is the exam chair, based on people currently using it?
- Is it programmable to give accuracy and save me time with common procedures?
- Could a used exam chair be a better investment in my practice?

Want local help your practice can rely on?

Manufacturers and OPT/ENT superstores sell you equipment from across the country but we have people to help right in your area. If you ever a problem with your equipment, we will be there quickly to get you back up and running at full speed.

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