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Exam Lane Care

Exam Chair

Check and adjust the rotation and headrest locks if necessary, inspect and clean the upholstery and check the base assembly including the motor for proper functioning.

Instrument Stand

Check the Instrument Wells for correct voltage output, clean, lubricate and adjust all instrument arms and check all locking assemblies.


Clean, Lubricate and adjust the instrument

Over a period of time, the lubrication starts to break down and dry out causing some parts to become damaged. The lenses become dirty and can cause different Rx readings.
If it has been over a year since your Phoroptor has been serviced, we will have one of our factory trained technician properly clean the instrument.

The following list is a complete description of our maintenance: The Phoroptor is totally dis-assembled
All Mechanical Parts are cleaned, lubricated and adjusted
All of the lenses are checked and thoroughly cleaned
The Reading Rod Arm, Locking Device, convergence controls and PD Control are adjusted and lubricated
We also adjust and clean all Control Knobs
We carefully check the correct positioning of the Axis Assembly, adjust and lubricate the JCC, and Prism Assembly if necessary