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Slit Lamps

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Looking for an easy, reliable way to compare Slit lamp brands, options and technologies?

Let Bayou Ophthalmic be your local, independent source to help you discover which slit lamp:

- Improves patient satisfaction and your well-being with ergonomic designs
- Increases your practice's productivity and profitability
- Has new technologies which really make a difference (vs. just sounding useful)
- Will be the best investment for you via an unbiased recommendation

Buying a new slit lamp for your practice is an important purchase, and Bayou Ophthalmic wants to help make you confident your investment in the practice will reap you a tremendous return of value. We are not tied to any one manufacturer so are able to listen well and give an honest appraisal of what will work best for your needs. Here are a variety of benefits and considerations we'll discuss with you when providing your practice with the options for your next slit lamp investment.

Increased Slit Lamp Comfort Pleases Patients... and You

Newest slit lamp technologies offer several benefits to your practice. Increased slit lamp comfort for patients helps in two major ways. A more relaxed patient is more likely to give you better measurements. They'll also be more likely to tell their friends about you and essentially "build the practice for you". Referrals are unbeatable ways to grow your impact within the community. Ergonomic slit lamp designs keep you and your team fresh when performing examinations. No more errors due to fatigue, and a better overall quality of life when you walk out of work minus the aches and pains of hunching and reaching all day.

Increased Slit Lamp Accuracy Boosts Your Practice's Productivity/Profitability

New slit lamp technologies improve precision such as Haag Streit models' cross-slide mechanism which lets you easily control all horizontal and vertical movement. Or perhaps Marco's multi-layered, multi-coated system which increases optical resolution and clarity by 20%. Keeping track of all these can get confusing fast, but not if you rely on Bayou to make a thorough assessment of your needs and find the best slit lamp to match your budget.

Local help Your Practice Can Rely On

Unlike a manufacturer or online provider who sells you a system from afar, Bayou Ophthalmic has support on the ground in the Southeast, right where your practice operates. Have a problem with your equipment? You'll know who to call and you'll know we will be there to take care of you quickly.

Additional ways to save on slit lamps

Most practices want to go new, but sometimes leasing or buying gently-used and refurbished slit lamps makes sense. We can help locate what used slit lamps you want at a price to fit your budget. Contact us as well if you would like more information about preowned options.

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